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Who we are

InSpect is an exchange based consulting house which applies structured methodologies & solutions to optimise new and existing assets through the collective use of specialised skills, professional services & technology.

Where the client’s needs and desired outcomes craft the solution.

We are an organization that believes in the potential of assets. Like the value of wood, furniture, and paper derived from a tree, it is the perspective with which we see assets that determine how we attribute value.

What we do

Movable Assets, Fixed Assets, Specialised Valuations, Advisory Services

Movable Assets

The true value of an asset is achieved through understanding the appropriate perspective which the client has in connection with a particular asset. We believe by understanding the client desired outcome it allows us to gain the understanding that provides justified value for an interested party and ensure that the most value is extracted from the asset in question. These perspectives can be provided in many forms from the understanding of the useful life of an asset, Asset return on investment from commercial activities, market-related conditional analysis & ensuring the appropriate perspective is being applied to the asset to ensure true value understanding.

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Specialised Valuations

At InSpect we pride ourselves on our ability to provide value to all organisations through unique approaches and interpretation of their assets and ensuring that no matter the asset or perspective which it is being viewed, that we are able to provide a solution backed with all the relevant skills and experience to provide our clients with the value of their unique asset requirements

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Advisory Services

InSpect provides expert services in the analysis of internal assets for organisation allowing the optimised value to be understood and interpreted. This allows an organisation to make the appropriate decisions when manipulating working capital over any asset class. InSpect also partners with industry experts to provide asset acquisition and disposal solutions to ensure the outcome of the analysis is able to be fulfilled.

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Fixed Assets


InSpect provides a holistic approach to fixed asset valuations through its unique methodology of interpretation of the subject property and the characteristics which surround it. Understanding that a fixed assets value is determined by the owners intended usage and the perspective which the owner is looking for from the valuation process.


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Advisory Board Members & Partners

A collective experience of over 100 years

The executive and advisory team of InSpect has a collective experience of over 100 years. With a diversity over multi international industries, leadership roles and entrepreneurship the team forms a robust and holistic unit influencing the industries and organisations around them.

Mr Johan Kemp
Mr Johan KempChairman
Johan is an experienced businessman and qualified professional Quantity Surveyor (QS) by trade. He has been involved in the engineering, infrastructure, property and construction sector for more than 40 years and previously held the position of CEO (SA) of Davis Langdon Farrow & Laing, an international group with operations in Europe, Asia and Australia.
Hatla Ntene
Hatla NteneNon-Executive
Hatla is a registered professional quantity surveyor (PQS) and has over 30 years of experience in project management, cost engineering and contract administration. His keen commercial mind, blended with an entrepreneurial spirit, contributes a unique influence to the InSpect team. He is the executive chairman of Mvua Property Partners, a commercial property investment firm, and further serves as a non-executive director on numerous professional company boards across several sectors, including property and infrastructure.
Adv. Hildegard Barnard
Adv. Hildegard BarnardNon-Executive
Hildegard contributes a keen commercial, legal and governance perspective to the team. Her attention to detail and insight into business process and stakeholder engagement, both on a strategic and operational level adds great value to InSpect. She holds a Bachelor in Accounting and an LLB from the University of Stellenbosch. Hildegard further represents IQ Capital on various of its investment company boards.
Sasa Methola
Sasa MetholaNon-Executive
Sasa is a Chartered Accountant (CA) SA by trade and contributes her keen financial and commercial mindset to the InSpect team. She is passionate about governance and the optimisation of businesses which she has been able to actively pursue during her career, which has seen her operate across numerous business sectors and market segments over the years.
Cameron John Walker
Cameron John Walker
Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit and keen approach to getting things done. Cameron brings an energy and passions to the team that is unmatched, with his experience in the banking system development and agile project management his quick thinking and ability to find a way of getting something done in an environment of heavy compliance and bureaucracy is what set it him out. He passion for leadership and starting businesses have allowed him to move through the early stages of his career, laying a foundation for the future.
Jan Kloppers
Jan Kloppers
With experience and an expertly trained eye, Jan has an understanding of the building environment that is not met by many gained through extensive experience wearing many hats within the industry from a property developer to managing agent. Starting out as a tradesman, Jan has worked in the building and evaluation industry for over 20 years. He is a member of the Institute of valuers and is currently in the process of obtaining his royal institute charter membership which will be completed in 2017. 

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